Gastronorm Range Innovation

In September 2015, Bulla proudly launched to market the Bulla Gastronorm range. It is a packaging solution designed for today’s commercial kitchens that has been pioneered by chefs, for chefs; designed to create more efficiency and ease, and less waste in commercial kitchens.

Bulla Gastronorm, with its form cut bain-marie style packaging, provides a convenient, stackable, and fit-for-service sized solution to make chefs’ lives and prep simpler. The Bulla Gastronorm system has been introduced to revolutionise the delivery of Bulla’s quality dairy products within the foodservice industry.

David Sloan, General Manager – Commercial, believes this innovation will set Bulla apart.

“We have worked with commercial chefs for decades and understand the pressures of busy kitchens. Through our ongoing research and innovation forums we discovered there was an opportunity to better serve our chefs, freeing up time and reducing waste. What better way to do that than to deliver the product the way it will be used in service?”

Sloan continued, “Bulla Gastronorm is a great achievement by Bulla’s Innovation Team. We are thrilled to have worked alongside our trade partners and chefs to produce this solution, while maintaining the integrity of our products.”

The Bulla Gastronorm range was recently launched at the Fine Food Australia event, held last September in Sydney. Bulla was the first ever platinum sponsor of this event, where all six varieties of Gastronorm were showcased: Premium Sour Cream, Light Sour Cream, Crème Fraîche and Dollop Thick Cream in 1.5L tubs; along with the Natural Pot Set Yoghurt and Greek Style Yoghurt, in 1.4kg tubs.

As the platinum sponsor of Fine Food Australia, Bulla utilised the expertise of renowned chef and Bulla Ambassador Dario D’agostino. For the event, Dario showcased the Bulla Gastronorm range on a dedicated Bulla stand, and produced a variety of delicious sweet and savoury dishes for the Fine Food patrons to enjoy. Bulla was also featured on the Pastry Stage at the event, with famed pastry chef and Bulla Ambassador, Kirsten Tibballs, leading multiple demonstrations featuring a range of Bulla chilled dairy products. Also present on the pastry stand, and utilising Bulla chilled dairy products within their demonstrations, were acclaimed pastry chefs Anna Polyviou (Shangri-La Hotel) and Marike van Beurden (Caprice, Four Seasons Hong Kong).

Bulla’s customers are at the heart of everything we do, and the launch of the unique Bulla Gastronorm range is testament of this philosophy. The future is bright for Bulla, and we will continue to innovate and provide insight led customer solutions for today’s foodservice industry, while we craft the best of Australian dairy.