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Bulla Thickened Cream 5L

Bulla Cream Range
Product description

Easy to whip, returns excellent yields, holds well after whipping, resists cracking and bleeding, copes well under heat during reduction and is made using a halal approved gelatine.

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How to use this product

A great all-purpose cream with a rich flavour. Bulla’s special dairy processing expertise delivers a product that is easier to whip, and keeps a stable foam. Bulla Thickened Cream is heat stable for many applications, making it also suitable for cooking. An ideal all-purpose cream.

Perfect for desserts, whipping, cake filling, lightening a mousse, or serving with scones! Bulla Thickened Cream is fantastic for desserts such as butterscotch/caramel sauces and ganache.

Ideal for

Cheesecakes, apple strudel, sweet cakes, fruits, savoury and sweet sauces, and rice puddings.


Can be whipped, produces stable whip.


Will withstand some heat. Bring cream to a gentle simmer, but don’t boil then cool.

Freezing (in food after cooking)

Not suitable for freezing/thawing.

Quantity Per Serving Quantity Per 100ml
Energy 284kj (68Cal) 1420kj (340Cal)
Protein 0.4g 2.0g
Fat, Total 7.0g 35.2g
– Saturated 5.0g 24.9g
Carbohydrate 0.6g 3.1g
– Sugars 0.6g 2.0g
Sodium 4mg 21mg